What are the watches worn by the men who always read for the winner and equalise in extra time at the Euros?

Euro 2020 saw the final match of the tournament this past weekend. The final match between Italy and England continued the usual excitement of this Euros, not only with England breaking the record for the fastest goal in the tournament’s history, but also with Italy tying the score in the 67th minute to take the game into extra time.

In the end, Italy won the Euros 3-2 on penalties and 4-3 on aggregate, winning the tournament again after 53 years.

This year’s UEFA Euros has been full of drama, with overs, kills, comebacks, extra-time equalisers, penalty shoot-outs and much more.

And the stars have had to play against the clock from time to time, as if they were born with a strange sense of timing. So, what do these “time management gurus” at the Euros wear in private?

Earlier on, there was a lot of interest in the scene where Roberto Mancini, the winning coach and Italy manager, was “pointing the way” from the sidelines: he was wearing a custom-made Giorgio Armani suit in the style of a classic Italian man. He was also wearing a luxurious version of the Richard Mille in Italian colours.

Mancini also wore another Richard Mille during the Euros (RM72-01), which has recently become very popular and is priced at $180,000, about double the market price!

A similar choice to Mancini’s was made by Didier Deschamps, the French manager. He is wearing a Big Bang e-connected watch in the colours of the French team, from Hublot, the official watch partner of the Euros.
The Big Bang e-connected watch is available in the following colours

Hublot’s collection for this year’s tournament is also available in other national team colours, which many fans have already acquired.

The Swiss team has played well this tournament,luxury replica watches and one of the national team’s most decorated players, head coach Vladimir Petkovic, is wearing a pink gold tourbillon with white discs by Carl F. Bucherer, the official watch sponsor of the Swiss national team, for a price of $70,000.

Another dark horse in the last eight, Ukraine’s manager, Andriy Shevichenko, who has represented Ukrainian football and good looks for 20 years, would be wearing a classic Rolex Daytona (exact colour scheme and model unknown). This old-school, calm choice of watch is a perfect match for the understated Sheva.

The Dutch manager, Frank de Boer, has also chosen a discreet but niche model, the Rolex Day Date in white gold and blue, which is available for just under $50,000.

The most talked about of the players, C Law, was spotted several times during the Euros wearing a bespoke version of the Rolex Daytona “Rainbow Ring” (116508) with a rose gold body, brown diamond-set mother-of-pearl dial and champagne-coloured subdials.

As June is Pride Month, there were plenty of rainbow elements at the Euros.

Of course, the President certainly went out with more than one watch.

Another Girard Perregaux full diamond square diamond watch was on his hands as he set off for the Euros. The watch has a public price tag of around $1.78 million and needless to say, Crosby deserves it.

Crosby’s former Real Madrid teammate, Karim Benzema, who is back in the French team after five years of excellent performances, is also a big watch owner.

One of the watches he wore during the Euros this time was a “Gold Laurent” and another revealed the rather hot Patek Philippe “Grenade” Aquanaut (5968A), which earlier had a public price of over $50,000 has now been speculated at a market price of $140,000 and is not always available.

The watch was so hot that it was the subject of a major Euro Cup football “watch crash”. England captain Harry Kane, Harry Kane, was spotted wearing the same model with the same strap (5968A); Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, who has gone on holiday, and Swedish star Zlatan, who is not at the Euros, were seen wearing the same watch. Ibrahimovic Ibe was spotted wearing the same model (5968A) before and after, a “dream link”.

The orange strap of the PP (5968A) has some kind of mysterious goalscoring power that has made the different countries’ frontline killers go on a buying spree.

Levine has always been a fan of the PP, and was spotted wearing a PP Aquanaut (5164R) during the Euros stadium and press conference, with a similar price tag and a market price of around $110,000.

The one Lewandowski used on other occasions to match his suit was PP’s explosive rose gold black dial (5980/1R-001), and France’s Antoine Griezmann Griezmann was also spotted wearing the “same model” earlier. After various discontinuations, the market price of the watch has come to around $200,000.

Harry Kane had another AP revealed during the Euros, the Royal Oak Double Balance Skeleton. This model itself is on the pricier side, with a less exaggerated premium than the “Steel King”, which is currently on the market for around $150,000.

Raheem Sterling, another English player and an icon of happy football, chose the Rolex Day Date 40 in rose gold with a green dial, a classic-looking yet understated choice by Sterling that is quite contrasting. The DayDate has a list price of just under $40,000 and a market price of around $60,000.

Kylian Mbappe, who has not played well at this year’s Euros, has been an ambassador for Hublot, the official partner of the tournament, and has been changing his watch more often than scoring goals.

He wore a number of Hublot sports watches, including the rainbow Spirit of Big Bang and Big Bang, before and after the tournament. The price range is between €8,000 and €50,000.

For the Euros, Belgium’s Eden Hazard Azhar is wearing the Richard Mille (RM26-02) “Devil Eye” in black ceramic and rose gold, with a flame-painted dial in real gold, in a limited edition of 25 pieces worldwide.

The “Devil Eye”, which conceals the Belgian flag in black, gold and red, is a perfect match for Belgium’s “European Red Devils” and Azhar’s personal style of play.

In another appearance for the national team, Azhar wore a Patek Philippe Nautilus (5980/1ar-001) in gold with blue discs, 40.5 mm, which has gone on to fetch $140,000 this year.

Another Belgian star, Kevin de Bruyne, often wears the AP Royal Oak steel strap with black dial (26331ST), which is currently on the market for around $50,000.

Romelu Rukaku, at the launch, wore a Rolex “Blackwater Ghost” Submariner Date (126618LN) in a very impressive black gold, recently on the market for around just under $40,000.

The stars at the Euros are all worth a lot of money or even easily hundreds of millions of dollars, and it is only natural that their wrists are also “in full view”. As you can see, most players still prefer sporty watches, or the hottest models from the top watch brands, and Rolex has become an essential standard for many of the stars.

Fans, whose taste in watches do you love more?

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